How to Order

Thank you for choosing Tully-Wihr's Promotional Product Online Search Tool. Take your time browsing thousands of great items. When you find items of interest, simple add to your "Inquiry List" and request a quote. Quotes may also be requested by phone, fax or email. We are here to guide you through the process. In general, the order process works like this:

Looking to personalize your item, we will need the following file type for these decorating method:

For already digitized files, we require Tajima DST files. If digitizing services are required, please send in art in the acceptable file formats listed below for the other methods.

Photoreal/Epoxy Domes
Please submit artwork in Adobe Illustrator vector format. Convert all text to outlines. If a placed/imported Adobe Photoshop type image is necessary, that original file should be included. The Photoshop file (TIF or JPG) should be at least 300 dpi resolution or higher and the art to size.

All Other Methods
Adobe Illustrator vector artwork is preferred. Please save as an EPS or AI file. Be sure to convert all text to outlines.

Unsupported art file formats: QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, InDesign and Freehand.

Note: Microsoft Office programs (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Excel, etc.) are not graphics programs and will not be recognized through art acceptance process.